HMAS Leeuwin 1972

Welcome to our website.

Marks and Morrow 38th Intake website was founded by Peter Douglas.  Russell Maudsley expertly administered the site for seven years, until handing over the baton in late 2018.  In contravention of the 'never volunteer' rule, I have now taken over administering the site.  It's your website and can only continue and prosper if you provide input.  Please send all and any information for the site to me at

One of our objectives is to locate all of our Intake.  If you are aware of the whereabouts of any of our brothers that have not already been located (see list below) please let me know.  We also have a Facebook page -  Marks Morrow 38th.

Latest members found are

 Laurie Walker 3/6/2018, Michael McDonald 2/1/2017 &
​Kim White 2/8/2017

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38th Marks and Morrow Notice Board
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as of  3/6/2018


Contacted    (Found,  Not Found)

Beness Grahame  
Bickley Jeff A               
Blacka Paul E           
Blackwell LE
Bonato Mark      
Bray Greg D       
Britton Peter J     
Cahill PB 
Cant TD
Cummins Chris M
Dangerfield Al R
Devlin MS
Douglas Peter D       
Evans RB          Vale
Fewster GJ
Fieldhouse Don L 
Ford RJ
Gallagher SJ
Garschagen Wilf J
Glare VM
Grant DM              Vale
Greatrix Keith M
Hall SE             Vale
Hartney PC
Hatton Kevin A   
Haynes W     
Hewitt CJ
Hoare Dave G       
Holstein Peter A       
Jacklin Robert A      
Johnson DN
King DE   FOUND / Vale - 1/1/2015 
Klimpel KP
Laing RJ
Lawrence GJ   Vale
Lee Ian Q
Maudsley Russell     
McDermott Lance E     
McDonald MIchael R
McKail Wayne
McKay SC
McKenna TR   Vale
Mitchell Peter J  
Morgan Al
Mounce EG
Mudford Wes J
Nicholls Roger K
Oates RB
O'Sullivan RM
Paskevicius Pete A     FOUND - Vale 1/7/2016    
Pearson RB
Pecina Peter G  
Perkins PJ
Price PG
Read Jim E
Reed Norm

Richardson MC
Robinson Joseph C
Rose Gary J        
Rowe PG                         Vale
Rowsell Wes K       Vale   
Schurr P
Shewell Craig W      
Skrzypek George
Slattery Chris R
Smith JK
Smith RH
Smith WJ
Stanfield Ralph
Stewart GB
Stratton KA
Stroet Ron J 
Thompson S
Turner RC
Van Eldik Les
Van Kalkan Josh EM
Vidler Ray  T
Walker Laurie R
Webber DR
White KD
Wild Joe M
Wright Steve R     
Wright WN

Total: 83
Found: 43
Vale: 9

as of  9/9/2015


Contacted   (Found, Not Found)

Aldred IJ             
Allen PE
Bone RL
Branchi AD
Brearly MT
Breed J
Brown Ross E
Bruce Andrew K
Buckley NF
Calder KO
Campbell G
Chapman KJ
Clayton DJ
Cook GW
Cosgrove Bruce
Crane Terry V
Cuthbertson David R
Doonan Rodney D
Dunn DJ
Elms Vern K 
Fazackerley Robert C
Franks Ron V
French KB
Goldhahn Edgar
Goodwin RA
Gosper Ray K
Graham Anthony J 
Green Col J    
Grisinger Kevin J 
Hansen GJ
Harbod P Andy
Harper Brian J
Harrison RM
Haydon BD               Vale
Hodge Brian J
Hopwood PF
Hughes D
Johnson KG
King Dave J
King Neville L
Kondek Anthony J
Langerak Robert 
Leach SS
Lindsay J
Macey GR         Vale
McDonald Paul
McGowan Mick I
McKay Edward J 
McLackland Keith   
McNally AW
Melville Lee John
Messom DR
Moore LG
Nelson D
Newton Peter A
O'Donohue Peter F
O'Dowd MJ
Parker DL
Parmenter A Dennis
Payne W
Peacock SJ
Perrin NM
Perry GJ
Phillips Steve J
Quick MK
Rainbird Darryl E
Reynolds GK
Rice David A
Roberts IF
Rotering Chris J   
Ruhl DL      Vale
Ruxton Ian J
Scurry Brent L     
Sheils Brian K
Skrzypnik PC
Smith AW
Smith Phillip W 
Sparnon CK
Stanway TG
Steele HC
Stodolski REM
Strickland Mark D
Taylor LJ
Thompson BE
Thorne Trevor E  
Tobin MJ
Tooney EJ
Tyler Fred C 
Warren Paul A
Waugh GL
Webster Michael K 
Wignell PC
Wilmott Gordon
Wilton Greg O
Woods Lea R  
Woulleman Daryl J
Wright WG
Young William    

Total: 98
Found: 45
Vale: 3

Marks and Morrow 38th